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Night Time Diapering

“You cloth diaper at night too? Wow, you sure are gutsy!” Not sure if I am gutsy or not, but I’m sure cloth diapering at night isn’t that big a deal.

And that is the reason why I am dedicating a post specifically for cloth diapering at night. If you ask me, it really is no rocket science. What works for you during the day, will work for you during the night too. All you have to do is a little bit of experimentation to figure out the ‘add-on(s)’ that work for your baby for a longer period of time.

I had quite a few hits and misses before we figured what works for us. My son pees like he breathes, no kidding. So it was quite a task for me to come up with a solution that lasted all night. We are talking at least 8-10 hours here.

I figured only natural fibers would be able to take up the load (and the stink) and so started experimenting by trying some bamboo, charcoal-bamboo based diapers. They were always a hit or miss. And since I was also getting sick of stuffing pockets and how bulky they were getting, I decided to give some AIOs a try. We tried quite a few brands as well. Again, these were a hit and miss too.

And then, one fine day when I was researching night time diapering, I found out about this gem of a brand called Geffen Baby. They make boosters that are Ah-mazing! Trim and super absorbent.  When paired with our beloved Smart Bottoms diapers, they lasted us all night long. I mean a good 10+ hours without a single leak issue. Awesome or what?

So this was what we followed for a good 4-5 months and then is when I discovered the Smart Bottoms Hemp Booster and the rest as they say, is history.

If I have to be completely honest, I love both my Geffen Baby boosters and Smart Bottoms Hemp boosters equally. They are both a great choice if you have a heavy wetter.

The icing on the cake is the super soft fleece liners, again from Smart Bottoms. These keep the baby’s behind dry without letting them get disturbed by the wetness of the diaper. And they make cleaning poop SO easy! What?! Don’t you dare give me that look because I did not say anything disgusting. You will know just how casual a statement that is if you are a parent and if you aren’t one yet, wait till you have baby and let’s discuss this further post that.

If you would like to give something local a try, I strongly recommend the Bada Hemp Insert from Cloth Diaper Shop, India. They are really good too and you get brownie points for supporting a local business.

I’m adding some pictures of our night time diaper just to give you guys a better idea. Hope it helps.

Components that make up our night time Brahmastra
Step 1: I fold the soaker in half this way
Step 2: Place the booster on top (we use a size small)
Step 3: Place the liner on top
Tada – There you have our trim and bullet proof night time diapering solution!

If you still have any questions or need any help at all, feel free to comment, would be happy to help with whatever little knowledge I have. 🙂

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