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A Guide to Using Wet Bags a Bazillion Ways

There are a hundred thousand practices, products and terms I have gotten introduced to after I had a baby and one of my favorites amongst these is wet bags. So, what are wet bags? They're reusable, zippered bags that are leak-proof, waterproof, contain odors and are typically used for storing dirty cloth diapers when you're… Continue reading A Guide to Using Wet Bags a Bazillion Ways

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Snappi Baby – Review & Giveaway!

Update: ************************* GIVEAWAY CLOSED ************************* If you have ever cloth diapered a new born, you would understand what a lovely feeling it is to use flats or prefolds in various folds and then to spend a few minutes admiring it perfectly put on your little baby's bum who isn't a wiggle monster. I specifically am referring… Continue reading Snappi Baby – Review & Giveaway!