Parenting Truths 

As a parent, if there is one thing that you should always remember, it is that every child is different. But there are also certain things that almost every parent faces, doesn’t matter if our children are similar or not.

So, here’s my compilation of some mommy, some daddy and some mommy-daddy things that we go through.

  • All you really want is for your baby to sleep through the night but you are also scared that your boobs will explode if your baby sleeps through the night. The struggle is real.

  • One of the main reasons you look forward to your baby nursing is because you get to spend a few minutes peacefully using your phone. But if you like me, have given birth to an octopus of a baby – I feel ya, my friend.
  • You don’t care if your boobs are disproportionate. Rather, that is what helps you remember which boob to offer to your baby the next time he/she wants to nurse.
  • You have forgotten the concept of peeing or pooping or showering without an audience. Running a bath? Lol!
  • You may have also forgotten what it feels like to have a meal uninterrupted or without having to clean poop right when you sit down to eat.
  • Discussing your baby’s poop with your significant other or anyone for that matter, does not feel weird at all. Not one bit.
  • Every diaper change makes you feel like you are in a warzone. More so if it involves changing a poopie diaper.
  • Getting out to get your eyebrows done feels like a great achievement. My bushy eyebrows almost merging with my fringes say hello!
  • Your phone which was once filled with selfies of yourself and you with your significant other or friends is now filled with a gazillion pictures of your child and you WILL NOT delete the pictures even if you look like crap in a picture just because your baby looks adorable in it, yup.
  • Breastfeeding is what is mostly responsible for you being bankrupt. What do you think does one do while being boob arrested with a phone in hand? Online shopping, duh!
  • But you still wear the same tattered pyjamas and tee you wore during/prior to getting pregnant while your child wears a new outfit almost everyday.
  • As if that wasn’t enough, you end up at the baby section no matter what you go shopping for or where you go shopping to.
  • New babywearing gear and cloth diapers excite you more than a prospective date night.
  • One pot meals are your jam.
  • Alternatively, you may also end up getting so good at cooking that you can make whatever meal you want in 20 minutes flat.
  • Even if you were the Joey of your house, there is no way you cannot not share food with your toddler. Now is a good time to remind yourself that sharing is caring.
  • What you really crave for is baby free time but you will more likely than not spend that time thinking about what the baby may be up to.
  • Another thing that you want to do is sleep but if by chance your little sleeps early, you will spend that time doing absolutely pointless things or finishing off chores you have been putting off instead of actually sleeping in early.
  • You know if you can handle a teething baby/toddler, you can handle ANYONE in the world.
  • Your baby is a foolproof way to avoid meeting people you don’t want to meet. All you have to do is:

“Hey, I am so sorry, he fell asleep right as I was about to leave the house.””Aww. It’s ok. I understand. We’ll meet some other time. Love to the little guy. Xoxo”

No questions asked. Ha!

  • But the chances of your baby taking an untimely nap when you plan to go out is directly proportional to how excited you are about going out. I really did want to meet you, friend. God promise.
  • You realize that co-sleeping actually means sharing the 5% of the bed space that you get with your spouse while that little octopus of a baby occupies the rest of your bed AND your blanket.

.. And that just about sums up my life right now. Do you have more to add to this list? Let me know. 😀

4 thoughts on “Parenting Truths ”

  1. LOL! Welcome. 🙂 It’s surreal and gives me so much pleasure to see that things don’t change when you become parents in the 21st century or 20 years ago 😀
    Except I didn’t online shop, but binge watched Bold and Beautiful (occ in french) 🙂


  2. Hey!!! the points are so true and hilarious…your blog is as interesting as your instagram account…Keep lovin and sharin @allthatsmom


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