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Shopping for Little Boys – Where & What to Buy

Among the few valuable lessons that parenting has taught me, the knowledge that dressing up a boy can be just as fun as dressing up a girl is one of my favorites.

Believe it or not, there are a whole bunch of lovely brands out there that make sure boys have just as many options as girls and then there are brands that are even better because they make gender neutral clothing which are actually adorable. Since I am still on a list making high (okay, I’ll accept it, I just like making lists), I am going to be nice and share my shopping secret with you guys.

Honestly though, it’s no secret because I tag most of the brands on the #miniootd posts I put up. Anyway, just to make it easier for everyone to know, I am going to quickly put together a list of places you can shop from (abundantly) for your kid(s) and still not need to sell your kidneys.

I don’t believe in spending big bucks on baby/toddler clothes especially because they outgrow it so soon, so most of the places I shop from are easy on the pocket while also making you seriously envy your kid’s wardrobe. The focus of this post will be shopping for little boys (duh!).

Clothes for everyday use – 

The Children’s Place


This is one of my most FAVORITE places to get stuff from. They have some sort of sale going on almost all through the year and their stuff is super affordable. They have tons of options to choose from for both boys and girls and it’s hard coming out of this place empty handed. They have stores in the UAE and India.

They have a lot more stuff online too, but shipping internationally will cost extra.

Highly recommend them for: Super cute tees, onesies, shirts and sleep suits/pajamas. Basically everything that they have. If you are shopping for a girl, you’ve hit the jackpot because they have a ton of accessories too.

Max Fashion India/MENA


Max is another place I absolutely love. They always have deals going on for all these cute tees that they make and most of them are super cute! I think the Max Stores in India have a better collection than the ones in the Middle East. That sure doesn’t stop me from shopping at this place any less. I love the bottoms that they sell too. Super soft and long lasting.

Highly recommend them for: Tees, shirts, bottoms, shorts, shoes.

Juniors  – 


Juniors is another brand that has some real cute stuff. You can find them at Babyshop Stores in the Middle East and across Lifestyle Stores and online on sites like Jabong, Amazon, etc. in India.

I usually make the most of their end of season sales and stock up. Their combo offers are irresistible.

Highly recommend them for: Tees, bottoms, onesies, sleepsuits and innerwear/thermals.

Facebook Pages – 


Do one search on Facebook for kids clothing and at least 50 different brands/stores pop up. There are a few groups run by mommies who buy export surplus of kids clothing of various big brands in bulk and sell them that I have bought from have been really satisfied with and those are – Laddus Co., Snoogums India and MyFaktory.

Make sure you practice your ‘fast fingers first’ skills though, because these groups mostly have only a piece or two of every product and they sell out in seconds. Don’t forget to turn notification on for these groups so that you don’t miss out on the good stuff.

One tip though, be sure to double check the sizes. Since these are export surplus pieces bought in bulk, there may be mistakes in terms of sizing and since the women behind these groups have families and other responsibilities too, I don’t think it’s fair to expect them to check every single piece (although most of them still do it). So, ask questions/for pictures, measurements etc. if you aren’t sure.

Others – 


If you are in UAE, I highly recommend Carrefour (cotton sets, tees, sleep suits, pajamas) and Wear Mart (cotton shorts, especially) for buying clothes for dirt cheap. You may have to look through piles of clothes to get to the good ones, but they’re so inexpensive you wouldn’t mind making the effort.

I also love picking up stuff from Mothercare, H&M (especially when they have a sale going on) and Carter’s (I prefer the collection available in India over UAE).

If you are in India, Zero sells some crazy cute and soft cotton tees and vests starting from 50 bucks or so. I’ve bought it from Naidu Hall in Chennai and online on First Cry. I also like this brand called ToffyHouse.

Desi Clothes & Clothes for Special Occasions – 

Indie Project Store – 


If you know me even a little bit, you would certainly know of my love for all things Indie Project. Shilpi and her team always give their best and I am so glad I found this brand (thanks Priyanka!). The quality, finish and the sheer effort that goes into making everything comfortable and chic is commendable.

Highly recommend them for: Everything! I especially love their Ikat pants and dungarees. Their shirts. Kurtas. Like I said earlier, EVERYTHING!

Sundari Silks, Chennai – 


I love, LOVE their collection for kids. If you are ever in Madras, you should definitely check them out for their simple cotton kurtas for little boys and the pavadai sets for little girls. They even have an online shopping option but the collection isn’t remotely as great or vast as the in-store one.

Highly recommend them for: Cotton kurtas, veshti/panchakajam sets. 

What are your favorite places to shop from? Tell me.

PS: The cloth diapers in all the #miniootd pictures are from Smart Bottoms. If you are in India, you can buy them from any of these four authorized retailers – Tushions, Juskidin, Green Tots and Baby Nappy Store. If you live elsewhere, you can use the Store Locator tab on the Smart Bottoms website to find a retailer near you.

If you would like to know more about Smart Bottoms, you can read about it from one of my earlier posts here.

Disclaimer: I am not associated with any of the brands mentioned above except Indie Project Store & Smart Bottoms for which we are one of the Brand Reps/Ambassadors.

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