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A Few Tips to Keep Calm and Parent On 

The last almost two years of my life has been such a huge learning journey. From handling a newborn to managing all the household work plus some more with a toddler around has not just made me better at multitasking but also as an individual (or at least I would like to believe so). The fact that we live away from home with almost no family support for most part of the year only makes us work twice as hard to keep things going.

I am not going to paint a rosy picture here. Contrary to what a lot of you seem to think (going by my IG feed), my son isn’t an angel who just keeps smiling and generally being well behaved all day, everyday. I mean, he is an angel, yeah, and he is well behaved and sweet for most part but he does have his fair share of meltdowns and tantrums too. Who doesn’t? If you were to document my life, I am pretty sure these would still be a part of it in spite of me being an ‘adult’. So, it needs to be understood that ‘Instagram or it did not happen’ isn’t always the way to judge the truth. After all we all choose what we want to share with the world, don’t we?

There are days when I feel like an utter failure of a parent or guilty for feeding my child a junk meal or two or days when I don’t want to be a gentle parent and end up losing my temper when I should have actually been patient and matured without trying to reason with a toddler who in all probability isn’t going to understand what I am trying to convey anyway.

I am far from being a perfect parent and in all honestly I think it is something I will probably be doing for the rest of my life. But there are some things that have helped me cope with the day-to-day hustle and bustle and still have some patience left to deal with whatever comes my way.

One of these things is to do things I love. This could be anything from making a favorite meal to baking something to just lazing around for a few hours putting everything in the back burner or pinning 100000 things to Pinterest boards in 10 seconds or listening to your favorite music. Whatever works for you!

If  you are a weirdo like me, even cleaning the house, or doing/folding laundry can be therapeutic. Yep, nothing makes me happier than a clean house and an empty couch (don’t tell me I am the only one who uses the couch to dump clean laundry). Occasionally I even use this time to do a little DIY activity or something I have been eyeing on Pinterest for far too long.

Take some time off for yourself. I was the mom who felt guilty for sending my 18 month old to daycare/playschool for a few hours a week. The comments from various random people asking why I was sending such a young kid away weren’t helping either. But it did not take me long to realize that I needed that space, that time for myself. I decided I wouldn’t respond to such questions anymore.

Even if I spent that time cleaning and putting away his stuff, I still needed those few hours of baby free time. Because I wasn’t doing everything while constantly being worried about making a noise and waking him up. I could drink my tea/coffee while it was still hot and maybe even eat a biscuit or ten without having to share it with someone, listen to music of my choice without being asked to change to ‘duck’ (five little ducks on YouTube), go get my eyebrows done (and feel like a totally new person) to name a few.

It gave me the time I needed for myself and helped me feel less stressed (you don’t need a full time office job to feel stressed, believe me) while it also made my son a more social person and got him to interact with other people, kids his age instead of being stuck at home seeing my face for most part of the day. It also helped me worry less about not being creative enough to keep my son busy and engaged all day like some of the moms on the various groups. 

That said, I am not trying to say that you need to send your child to daycare too but what I am trying to convey is that you need some baby free time every now and then to continue doing your best. Leave your child with your spouse, or friends/family who can watch your kid and go out for a while, get some shopping done for yourself maybe or grab a coffee and sit and people watch or refresh FB on your phone for the 1000th time, just do whatever makes you happy and helps you relax.

Next, get your partner involved in the household chores as well as baby duties. In our household, I take care of most of the daily chores (because I am a little too finicky about things and prefer it this way) while my husband bathes, changes diapers and keeps the toddler busy when he is around. So get into an agreement depending on what works for you. This results in lesser bickering and more peace of mind for everyone involved (trust me!).

Last but not the least, keep in mind that there is no set benchmark for measuring how good a parent you are. Stop comparing yourself or your partner with other parents. Giving your child a little screen time doesn’t make you a bad parent nor does letting them eat some fries. If anything, these things give you a moment or two to catch your breath. We all strive to do our best and it’s all good as long as we know that and are true to ourselves. There are days I feel great just for having kept my son alive. Not even kidding.

This is no way an exhaustive list of things that keep me going. Rather these are things that have worked the most for me. What are some things that help you keep calm and parent on? Tell me!

PS: If you have made it this far, thank YOU!

PPS: If you want to thank me for the tips, please feel free to send some good wine/beer or cake or both (DM me to get my address).  If you think I have become one more of those unsolicited advice giving people, feel free to pelt some stones(don’t DM me for address).

9 thoughts on “A Few Tips to Keep Calm and Parent On ”

  1. What a lovely read Madhumita,have been following your IG feed and blog for sometime now.I have a 2 yo toddler too and I agree to most of the things you said, especially the losing temper part and giving them YouTube videos to watch just so that I could have a few minutes to myself. I don’t beat up myself for it anymore and taking it one day at a time.Happy parenting and lots of love to Aadhvik 😍


  2. Very refreshing post and reading it did the therapeutic part for the day, Thank you Madhu.. doing an awesome job.. can imagine most of the things you shared as I have a 2 year old around!!


  3. Excellent post Madhu..I am sure many parents especially those who manage kids all alone will relate to your post so well..Actually we tend to feel more guilty when we are doing the right things for them😀as today’s children are only exposed to more unrequired the end of the day, it’s left to us to trust our own way of bringing up the kids and be content with it rather than comparing with other people..


  4. Great madhu . I’m been a follower of ur ig actually it was ur mom first and then through her feeds came to know abt you . I’m totally a stranger . I always wait for ur posts as what’s ur breakfast and the otd for Advik and much more and the decor in ur house . Hats off . Yes as you said if I felt little guilty abt sending my son to playgroup when he was 2 but things went on good and Infact he also liked going to school . Managing the kids away frm our parents is a great task . I do loose my patience and start screaming at my little one but the next moment I say to myself not to scold him again . But that continues 🙄🙄🙄. Great going madhu


  5. Worth reading every word. If your free time let’s you write such good stuff and share them too, we’re all sure about your decision. Just as mentioned, it’s the duty of spouses to engage the little ones every now and then. You are spot-on about comparison. Great going, Madhumitha! Writing – it runs in the blood!!!


  6. Hi madhumita,
    This is namrata, a fellow mom surviving motherhood one day at a time. I can’t tell you how much this post struck a cord within me. Feeling guilty about taking some me time, putting on you tube for the bubs so as to check up on social
    media and the occasional
    junk food…all things I am guilty of. but then like you said I need these. I need that lil time off…or time out for myself. If not for spa sessions or coffee breaks then at least to read a book or watch tv…just to feel human again. You made my day. I can rest assured that i am not doing anything wrong.I follow you on ig and snapchat and I love that lil inside peek into your mom life adventures..could you please do a post on the appropriate timetable for toddlers. When to wake them up, meal times, bed time, play time. It would be a big help.


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