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Three Must-Try Recipes using Moringa/Drumstick Leaves

Three recipes using fresh moringa/drumstick leaves of which two are approved (like anything) by my kids.

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Coconut-Orange-Chocolate Waffles

You know this thing people do, where they buy something new and then obsess about it until they don’t want to do anything with it? That’s the relationship between me and my newly acquired waffle maker at the moment. I've already whipped up waffles close to half a dozen times and do-ffles (savoury waffles with… Continue reading Coconut-Orange-Chocolate Waffles

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Rainbow on My Plate

Ratatouille is one of my most favorite movies, EVER! Remy (the rat) is probably one of my most favorite characters, EVER! The Ratatouille Adventure was also one of the rides/adventure I was *really* looking forward to when we went to Disneyland, Paris. As luck would have it I couldn’t go since I was pregnant that… Continue reading Rainbow on My Plate