Ooh, Look

Ooh, Look – What I Found this Fortnight – 14th Sep 2020

Hello hello hello, back after a short break that I needed and deserved to keep myself sane during and post moving houses during a pandemic and I’m so excited to be back. So, let’s jump right in and see all my recent interesting finds, shall we? 😀

In case you didn’t already realize from my Instagram stories, I’m now a crazy plant lady and I’ve spent a LOT of time the last few weeks learning about and bringing home plant babies and I also officially have a LONG plant bucket list now. So, the first find obviously has to be that. This one’s for all my fellow UAE folks.

Dubai Municipality Nursery & Nurseries in Warsan

Although the collection isn’t huge you can buy plants for a steal at the Dubai Municipality Nursery in Warsan. So much cheaper than the private nurseries nearby.

They also do not have planters, pots, stand etc. So to complete your trip you will have to head to the nurseries area in Warsan and I promise you you’ll return with a lighter heart (and wallet). Plant lovers paradise, truly. If you’re a pro bargainer (like my husband), you can definitely get your money’s worth in here. With the weather getting better, now is definitely a great time to make a trip.

The Big Gender Reveal

I don’t think you could have possibly missed this considering how everyone is sharing it, but in case you did, you definitely should watch this gender reveal video.

I don’t want to start an argument here about how necessary/unnecessary this is but just enjoy it for the extravagance it is and be happy for the parents-to-be.

Latika’s Bags

A couple of weeks ago, I came across this page on Instagram and all I could think of was wow, if only I had this sort of energy. See the video below to know why.

Latika Chakravorty is an 89-year old grandma who loves taking old saris, kurtas, and clothes and upcycling them into beautiful one-of-a-kind handbags and pouches. I haven’t made any purchase from them yet but you can check the collection on their site.

Clip-On Colander

How cool is this? If you’re someone like me who hates using extra dishes for straining and such, this is amaze. No need to take the large colander out every time. Simply clip it on and get it done. I know it’s still technically one thing extra but at least it’s not large enough to make the kitchen sink feel full.

Maybe something to add to my list of things I want but don’t really need.


Raga Therapy

I discovered these playlists on Spotify a few weeks back by Vishvesh Parmar and have been really enjoying them. These playlists are classified according to time and have a collection of ragas/music that work best on our mind/body at said times. I especially love the late night and early morning playlists. So soothing to listen to.

If you’re interested to learn more about this, here’s an article I found enlightening.

That concludes this week’s list. Going forward, I’ll be doing this fortnightly instead of weekly so as to concentrate on all the other content I plan to share with you all. Be back with more, soon. Ta!


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