Ooh, Look

Ooh, Look What I Found This Week – 10 Aug 2020

.. and just like that another week’s over and I’m back with another list of finds. How was your week? Hope you had a good one.

This week’s list is not just fun and interesting but also has something very important that I urge you all to read up about in case you aren’t already aware. I’m adding that as the first thing to the post before we move on to other things because of two reasons:

  1. By the time this post is up, you will have just about 24 hours to do what you can
  2. This is something very important not just for us but for our future generations too

Sign Petition To Withdraw Draft EIA 2020

If you still don’t know what the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) 2020 draft says, I urge you to do your research immediately to know about it. This surely isn’t a matter we can choose to ignore and move on. If you don’t know where to start, please check this or this. These have been been put together by the folks at Let India Breathe. The last day to send feedback to request a withdrawal of the draft is 11th August 2020. I’ve also found a link that makes sending your feedback quick and easy – just click on the following link and it will take less than 10 seconds for you to register your objection.

I should have done my bit and shared these earlier on, but better late than never. I really hope these resources help put things in perspective for at least a few people and to help them take the right decision.

Kadhai Podcast’s Ponniyin Selvan

Ponniyin Selvan Fans unite. More than kalandha saadham and other festivities around it, Aadi Perukku reminds me of The opening scene of Ponniyin Selvan. This year, I decided to start listening to this podcast (finally) after having had it bookmarked for so long.

If you’ve read the translated version of the book in English and want to listen to the story in Tamil or if can understand Tamil but can’t read and want to listen to the story or just want to revisit the beauty any time, this is just perfect.

Wonderfully narrated by Kavitha Jeeva, this podcast will have you hooked. Like it has had me the past week. It leaves me with the warm, happy feeling like that of revisiting a happy memory with a dear one. You can listen to the podcast on various platforms – Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Youtube to name a few.

Fabuliv Home & Decor

This week on shopping-carts-I-can’t-stop-filling is the one on Fabuliv. What a beautiful collection – be it furniture, decor or lighting. Oh, and all things for the kitchen are totally drool-worthy. Also totally crushing on some of their clothing pieces.

Expensive, yes and definitely not how much I’d readily spend on stuff but ain’t no one gonna charge me for filling up my cart, so might as well fill that up to make my heart happy. But if you’re in a mood to splurge, I guess they have plenty of options for you and they’re currently having a sale too. Of course I’m not being paid to say this and I surely don’t know how good they/their products are in real, but I found their collection interesting and fun and spent a lot of time on their site which is why they’ve made it to the list here.

Annelies Draws

This week on the arts front, the elder one and I have been hooked to illustrations by Annelies. So much happiness just looking at them. We’ve particularly enjoyed watching her videos on Instagram. So adorabubble.

See for yourself, I’ll spare the unnecessary words.

Story Time at Awnie’s House

This week’s research on making screen time productive led us to this. There are about a 100 videos on this YouTube channel by Awnie.

We’ve been watching a handful of them that the elder one found interesting and fun and have been slowly contributing to each one of those getting a million views, of course.

That concludes this week’s list. I hope you found something useful and/or interesting. I’ll be back with more next week.

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