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Ooh, Look What I Found This Week – 03 Aug 2020

Here’s a little story for you – I woke up on Saturday dreaming of something amazing. The dream was that of this lesser known, hep new place in Madras that was some sort of a rain experience – as in, you could go there and get rained upon – not the filmy ‘drenched in a sexy white outfit’ kind but something more subtle but fun – kinda like the Rain Room in Sharjah (which btw is amazing and you should go if you’re here). The difference was that the one in Sharjah is dark and you can avoid getting wet if you’re careful enough but this one was in an open ground sort of space that was bright and sunny (not sweaty and humid because – dream, duh) and opened up to an infinity pool of sorts and the drizzle was natural or at least that’s how it was in my dream. So, I’m there with my friends and enjoy the experience and the dream ended with me writing about said place in my weekly ‘Ooh, Look’ post where I say that you definitely should check it out and if you want to make the most of the experience, you go there without your kids. Talk about dedication. Yah, it me!

Anyway, the last week has been rather eventful and enlightening with all that I’ve found under #womensupportingwomen and #womenempoweringwomen hastags. I’m no expert here, so if you still don’t know about these, I’d request you to do your research about all that’s happening in the world and educate yourself a little bit. As I continue learning about these, I thought I’d dedicate this week’s interesting finds to the women I’ve discovered the past week, who’re doing some phenomenal work across various fields. This is kind of like my way of supporting some of these women in a way I can.

Amoli Trust

Amoli is an NGO started by 8 college students, which educates children about the abnormality of Child Sexual Abuse prevailing in the society and helps in protection of their innocence.

I came across their page on Instagram and since then I’ve gone and checked their website and blog as well and am truly in awe of all the work they’ve been doing and the efforts they’ve been putting in sharing their resources with the rest of us.

In a day and age when CSA (Child Sexual Abuse) is on an all time high, their resources are truly informative and educative and something that I think every parent and caretaker should check and learn from and teach their kid(s).

Sindhu Rajaramji

What is this level of talent even? Her ideas to use anklets, bottle, paper cup etc. to make music to accompany a bhajan totally blew my mind.

I also later realized that she’s the one who also did an absolutely divine cover of Ambwa Taley with the lovely Vandana Srinivasan.

People who can sing or play or make music automatically have my attention (probably because one of my biggest regrets is not having had used the opportunities I had). So no surprise here that I was taken by Sindu’s talent. A little more music is never gonna hurt anyone – so let’s hope she shares more of her work in the near future.

Krithi Handmade by Pabitha Prakash

You know I’m a sucker for all things colorful and all things pretty and traditional indian motifs and all things Desi, especially after I moved away from home. Put them all together along with some crazy level of talent and you get Krithi Handmade. Thanks to one Idly for introducing this page to me.

Their hand-painted pallanguzhi wall decor pieces, wall plates and carved wooden panels have a big chunk of my heart and I fully intend to buy one of each at least if not all when I’m in India next. I mean, SO. DAMN. BEAUTIFUL.

Vaishali BK

More popular as Ammatoday on Instagram, this lovely lady shares information about parenting, early learning, books for children amongst other things. She is also an Educator and a Tedx Speaker. She has a blog which has a ton of information.

Although I’ve seen her being mentioned about various times by a lot of parents I follow, I hadn’t followed or checked her work completely until last week and wow, such great and content. I have enjoyed reading her posts on Montessori method.

So, if you’re looking for someone who shares great parenting stuff, book recommendations for kids etc, I highly recommend her profile.

Mihira Gurukul

This baby of multi-talented Vichitraa Rajesh as she calls it – Mihira Gurukul offers products, camps and workshops with an aim to make children enjoy and celebrate all things Indian – books, festivals, culture to name a few.

All their products and workshops and activity and play-based so that kids are engaged throughout and curious to learn more.

I loved the entire concept and their products look absolutely fantastic. I also thoroughly enjoyed reading the free story card I got access to from their website. What a treat! Beautiful illustrations and simple words to make the story easy to read and understand. More so, if you’re a parent like me, staying abroad and struggling to introduce more everyday ‘Indian-ness’ to your children. I can’t wait to get my hands on some of these for the kiddos.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s compilation. Let me know what you think? A recipe post I’m excited about is coming up later this week. Keep an eye out. Ta!

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