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Ooh, Look What I Found This Week – 27 July

Another week, and another bunch of absolutely interesting finds. Working on these posts has had me so excited that I think if I had had that extra time, I might have just gone out of my way to find interesting things just so that I can share them here.

So, let’s jump right in to this week’s list, shall we? It’s a pretty good one, if I may say so myself.

Window Swap

Imagine getting a feel of the sights and sounds of places across the world. Imagine discovering new places without knowing where you are headed to next or any idea about what’s coming next – something like a blind travel date perhaps? Now imagine all this happening at the click of a button, at the comfort of your living room. Okay, you can give your brain some rest now because it actually is totally possible and that’s Window Swap for you. Easily the best thing I discovered this week. *heart eyes*

Started by a couple – Sonali Ranjit & Vaishnav Balasubramaniam, because they were tired of the view from their window, the site let’s you see a random window from anywhere in the world at the click of a button. You can choose to upload a video of the view from your window too.

It’s like a virtual holiday to make up for all the travel plans and dreams that were shattered this year and I maybe guilty of spending a little too much time looking out of windows this week.

Art O Walls

What. An. Utterly. Gorgeous. Account.

I stumbled upon this account on Instagram and cannot wait to get something customized when I’m back home in Madras next. The artist behind the page is Dr.Chhaya Meena and each one of her pieces is truly a work of art. Stunning details and lovely choice of colors.

From the stalking I’ve done so far – no shame in this game because it’s all for ‘research purposes’ by which I mean this post – I gather she also conducts online classes to teach mandala art, resin art etc.

Tech Easy Hai

It’s lovely how you can practically get anything online these days. For most part, at least. This one is one such find that I came across this week.

If you have elderly people at home or technologically challenged people who’d like to learn to use technology for basic things like using Whatsapp, ordering medicines or groceries, downloading apps, shopping on Amazon, etc. Tech Easy Hai offers courses via Zoom to make technology easy to use.

They share a weekly schedules which you can check and get yourself or your folks enrolled for. The classes offered are for an hour and cost INR 150 per session (as on 26th July).

Vegetable Souk at The Fresh Market

This one is especially for my Dubai and Sharjah folks. The Vegetable Souk at The Fresh Market is absolutely fantastic. I had earlier ordered online from them and didn’t think much of it but visiting the place in person blew my mind.

Super fresh produce, great prices and not just on vegetables and fruits, but on a whole lot of other things too – think canned chopped tomatoes, soy milk, oils, crockery, authentic Thai foodstuff, rice etc. We got absolutely great deals on berries, organic produce -okra/ladies finger, baby brinjal, ginger etc. amongst other things. We went around 8am in the morning, as soon as it opened, and there were very few people at that time.

There is also plenty of fresh juice available including sugarcane (yay!), a butchery and a small kids play area as well (which was closed now for obvious reasons).

But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids

Have curious kids at home who make your head spin with their ‘why’ questions? This one’s for you and for those brilliant minds.

But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids by Vermont Public Radio is a fabulous podcast that answers a lot of interesting questions large and small, about everything under the sun (and around and near it too). They have also addressed more sensitive topics like race and racism which may be suitable for older kids, why some words are bad and why children shouldn’t use them etc.

You can either listen to their podcasts directly on their site or Apple podcasts, Spotify, etc. Alternately, you can also find the transcripts on their website. You can also record and send your children’s questions to them. I’ve found that some of these sessions are super informative and interesting even for us adults and I may have spent more time listening to it than my children.

.. and that my friends, concludes this week’s list. Pretty good, eh? Did you already know about any of these or did I just manage to blow your mind with the cool finds? Please just say I did, thank you very much, I love you too!

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