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Ooh, Look What I Found This Week – July 13th

‘Ooh, Look’ is a series in which I’ll be sharing the wonderful things I discover every week, thanks to the internet. It could be a music video, a movie, a TV show/series, a home improvement idea, a kids activity… Basically anything that made me go ‘ooh, look – how interesting/fun/exciting’ – you get the drift?!

I’ll try and ensure this is up every Monday so that there’s something to look forward to every week and something for me to be consistent about. So before I digress and talk irrelevant things, let me jump right into this week’s finds.

Queer Eye on Netflix

I am probably very late to the party but one week and two seasons later, I can assure you it’s one of the best things you can watch and you should, if you haven’t already.

It’s a thoughtfully put together, real, fun, interesting, endearing, heart warming, sensitive and addictive (that’s a lot of adjectives in one sentence, I know, but it’s soo good yougiz!) show. It’s also the perfect thing to wind down with after a long, exhausting day.

Source: Google

I love the distinctive personality of each one of the Fab Five and I think I may just have a huge crush on Antoni. Argh, so cute. And gurl, how can I forget JVN? Oh, that sass – he’s who I want to be when I grow up.

All this will make no sense if you don’t watch the show (like how it was for me a week ago) but I’m so glad I started watching it. Now go beg, borrow or steal a Netflix subscription and start watching it already because this has clearly been the highlight of my week. Thank me later.

Dr. Cuterus

Dr. Tanaya/ Dr_Cuterus on Instagram is a Sexual and Reproductive Health Specialist. I’ve been following her on Instagram for a little over a week now (thanks to Nutritionist Sangamithra – you should follow her if you don’t already) and have thoroughly enjoyed the content she shares.

View this post on Instagram

Just here to fuel your nightmares, don’t mind me! 👻 . . . Okay, real talk though – I get so many messages from women (and also men!) telling me how their bodies continue to be a mystery to them! . . . It makes me think of how inaccessible knowledge about the human body can be – how it is offered in a way that it is inaccessible by definition. . . . Then, it makes me even more mad to think that there are communities, races, and castes that are systematically disadvantaged and oppressed, leading to even more difficulty gaining access to knowledge for these groups. Statistics show that there are many prejudices and biases in medicine that prevent people from accessing the same quality of healthcare that should be available to everyone. . . . My main philosophy behind this account is #FOAMed: Free, Open Access to Medical Education. I know the impact good teachers have left on my life, and how much that has shaped my career choices – running @dr_cuterus included. . . . If there are any topics that I can help you understand, please drop them down in the comments – I really hope we stop fearing our own bodies. After all, there is so much of ourselves to love! . . . #careerwoman #womenofinfluence #womenwholead #womenempoweringwomen #womenwhosupportwomen #upliftingwomen #fempower #beboldbeyou #femalesurgeon #ilooklikeasurgeon #indiandoctor #doctorsofindia #doctorsofinstagram ##girlpower #womenpower #womensupportingwomen #bossbabelife #bossladystatus #livingmybestlife #womeninmedicine #womeninSTEM #girlbosstips #hersuccess #nerdsuccess #shemeansbusiness #laptoplifestyle #drcuterus #uterosaurusrex

A post shared by Dr. Tanaya | Millenial Doctor (@dr_cuterus) on

I have also spent some time checking some of her older posts and videos and think she shares very useful information about things we shouldn’t ideally be learning via Instagram.

But at least someone’s taking SexEd (amongst other things) seriously and I’m glad people like her exist and choose to share information that is much needed in easy, understandable words for everyone.

Kool Skool Bookstore

Thanks to a couple of Insta friends who mentioned about the great book deals on this site. I haven’t purchased from them (yet) though my cart and heart are full. I am convinced, one moment of weakness and I’ll have half their store being shipped to my parents’ address.

From what I’ve checked so far, their collection of books seems terrific and has been neatly classified age-wise/genre-wise in a site that’s easy to navigate. They also seem to be having some great weekly deals and the prices aren’t too bad either. I can’t wait for things to get back to normal so that I can go on an absolutely unnecessary book shopping spree that I won’t regret.

Urban Company Homes

If you are sucker for home decor/home improvement/home tours but don’t want to follow a hundred different accounts, then you should definitely follow Urban Company Homes.

Beautiful feed that I’ve spent a large part of my past week checking out. At the moment, I may have a just over 2 million posts saved for inspiration for my future house, no big deal really.

I also however went down the rabbit hole and followed a dozen more accounts from there that share home decor stuff but I’m also very proud of myself for not having given in and bought every pair of curtain, every ceramic plate and rug I’ve liked and/or found the source of.

Let’s just not talk about the amount of time I have spent stalking these profiles scrolling from their latest to their oldest posts to try to find out where they sourced a certain thing from. Safe to say my children probably felt a lot neglected by their mother this week.

Dil Bechara – Album

On the music front, this week I’ve been listening to the Dil Bechara album on loop. This is another great album from ARR after 99 songs.

It reminded me of the 2000’s ARR – think Rang de Basanti, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, Guru etc. It’s music that’s easy on your ears, that grows on you – with the right amount of happy and bits of melancholy added where needed. Overall, it’s very ARR and Afreeda is my current ear worm. If you ever listened to Maiya Maiya on loop, you’ll love this one too.

.. and that’s the end of this week’s list. Depending on how this goes, I’ll probably come up with a more structured list of finds over time. What do you think? Yay? Meh? No? Let me know what you think – how can I add value, make this useful etc. or whatever else it is that you think.

8 thoughts on “Ooh, Look What I Found This Week – July 13th”

  1. Do keep updating this list. Through your blog , I for one would like to read about talented individuals out there. Speaking of home and decor , just check out HB_ the studio for art, Sunita yogesh studio interior design, Olie _living for lights, aanai design studio, madras makers and mynook for furniture. You may be aware of some of them. I just listed these out since they are all run by women


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