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What’s in my Hospital Bag

If you follow me on Instagram, you’d be knowing that we’ll soon be a family of four. I can’t believe I have just a little longer before Baby #2 makes an appearance. It feels like yesterday that I was doing this for the first time and wondering constantly if I had everything I needed and here I am, three years later, doing it all over again – both this parenting thing and packing a hospital bag.

I’m one of those who prefers getting (most of) my work done myself and packing the hospital bag is no exception. So let me quickly show you what all I’m packing this time around.

You’ve been warned though – I’m an over-packer.


For the mom –

  1. Your medical records
  2. Insurance papers, if applicable
  3. Comfortable clothes (for me, this means a bunch of pajamas and loose fitted tees) and one or two nice outfits for pictures and one for coming back home.
  4. Basic toiletries (moisturizer and lip balm being a must for me!)
  5. Towel
  6. Comfortable inner-wear – I prefer using disposable panties while I’m at the hospital and soft, cotton nursing bras
  7. Maternity pads
  8. Breast-pads (I have and love the Mee Mee reusable ones)
  9. Mobile phone and charger
  10. Slippers
  11. Books/Kindle, Music, anything else you think you need.

For the baby –

  1. Clothes – duh!
  2. Diapers – the hospital may give you a sample pack or two but it’s always best to take your own – disposables or cloth diapers, whatever you fancy.
  3. Wipes
  4. Soft towels/muslin squares or old cotton saree/dhoti squares (these are soft, multi-purpose, can be disposed easily and the least expensive)
  5. Toiletries, mosquito repellent and the likes
  6. A ring sling since they are the easiest to use at a newborn stage. You could borrow one from a local babywearing library if you’d like to try one before investing in one.
  7. Infantabulous Tuckerbox – This covers almost all my needs for the baby saving me from having to break my mind over what all to carry. I’m carrying with me the bibs, mittens, booties, burp cloth, onesies and rompers that came with the box. I’m not really into making my baby wear mittens or booties but they were too cute to resist.
A look at some of the things inside the Infantabulous Tuckerbox.

To know what all comes with this,  check this link and while you’re at it, do check their other fabulous boxes too.

I’m hoping this child would be more cooperative than my first and I wouldn’t need a breast-pump or formula, etc. If not – bottles, pump and the likes are the other things I  may need.

Most of what I’ve packed are things that I used for the now toddler three years ago –  the onesies, sleepsuits, diapers, breast-pads too. Since they grow out of clothes super fast (and also because I’m a hoarder and couldn’t part with baby stuff and still have a ton of them), I decided not to invest more in clothes at the moment.

What else did you pack? Think I’ve missed out anything important? I still have some time, let me know? 😀

PS: The Infantabulous Tuckerbox was sent to me by the generous ladies behind AZ Tuckerbox and the ring sling is from the lovely folks of Soul.

5 thoughts on “What’s in my Hospital Bag”

  1. Hi, i m jus enclosing the missing ones.
    [ ] Things for you:-
    [ ] Feeding cover
    [ ] Bed sheets since I prefer our own ones
    [ ] 1 pillow for you
    [ ] plastic covers
    [ ] Newspapers to dispose pads
    [ ] Socks
    [ ] Slippers
    [ ] Things for baby:-
    [ ] Rubber sheet
    [ ] Old clothes
    [ ] Scissors
    [ ] Clothe detergent
    [ ] Hand sanitizer
    [ ] Hand wash
    [ ] Sleeping bag
    [ ] nail cutter

    Hope this helps. All the best😍


  2. Thank you for this blog ..going to have my first one soon I have been trying to always understand what to take and what not this blog is quiet handy.


  3. Do wash that ring sling because it looks brand new in the picture. May be a feeding pillow/normal pillow to support the baby.


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