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Review: Mamaearth Baby Products

After having heard rave reviews from a lot of fellow mommy friends and mom bloggers, I decide to give Mamaearth products a try this time as soon as I came to India.

A doesn’t have sensitive skin but he tends to develop dry, rough patches often behind his knees, elbows, neck and other sweaty places and this results in him feeling itchy-scratchy. Nothing but Cetaphil has worked for him all this while. So when I ordered the Mamaearth Complete Baby Care Kit off Amazon just before I landed in Chennai, I was still quite apprehensive.

It’s been two months now and after having used these products exclusively for A, I think I can join the bandwagon to safely say that it’s worth all the hype.

The complete care kit is super value for money, especially when compared to how much I was spending earlier just for a moisturizer. For less than Rs. 1500, it has the following things included and comes with a very handy bag to keep them all in place/carry it wherever:

  1. 200ml deeply nourishing body wash
  2. 200ml moisturizing daily lotion
  3. 200ml gentle cleansing shampoo
  4. 100ml natural insect repellent
  5. 100ml mineral based sunscreen

All these products are suitable for kids between the ages 0-5 years of age and they’re toxin-free, cruelty-free and Non-GMO compliant. They also have a whole lot of natural ingredients, essentials oils thrown in.

We’ve since gone through a bottle each of moisturizer and body wash and have replaced them with bigger sized bottles. These are my favorites too.

The insect repellent smells amazing and although it hasn’t been very effective against the killer mosquitoes of Madras, we’ve been using it to keep the damage to the minimal and also because the toddler loves it. I’ve just placed an order for the After Bite Roll On and will update this post once we’ve used it enough.

What I also love about these products is the packaging which has made my life so much easier because convincing a toddler to use some ‘panda cream to be fluffy’ or ‘whale body wash to be able to make more bubbles in the bath’ is MUCH easier than trying to get him to use some moisturizer or soap (although he loves bath time!).

We now have our own animal names for these products – ‘snake spray’ for keeping insects at bay, ‘camel cream’ to use while getting out of the house etc.

Overall, the products have made us happy enough for me to do a review and tell the world about them. What I’m also happy about is that I don’t have to worry about buying separate stuff when Baby #2 arrives and that for me is a win!

PS: this review is based on our usage of the products and I’m in no way compensated or sponsored by the brand.

2 thoughts on “Review: Mamaearth Baby Products”

  1. It is really helpful to review for me and so I have purchased Mama earth shampoo. It works amazing for me and I really like the article. It is very helpful and thank you so much for sharing this post.


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