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Review: Terracorda Pitthoo Travel Bag

How’s it going, guys? Between work, house hunting, dealing with bouts of sickness, etc. we’ve been quite occupied the last couple of months which is why I’ve barely been active on social media.

I’m back this time with a review of a product from a very lovely brand I came across, thanks to Instagram and a certain lady who is hell bent on keeping me bankrupt, forever – you know who you are!

Without further adieu, let me introduce you to Terracorda. A brainchild of the very creative Shilpa Shankar Narain, Terracorda is a contemporary and vegan range of tote & lifestyle bags, stylistically blending traditional hues & patterns and modern lifestyle.

I spoke to Shilpa over the phone and after a long, enriching and interesting conversation, I knew I had to try them out. Her way of looking at things, ideas for the future of the brand were things I’d happily support any day. She’s just one of those people you talk to and know instantly that you want to support them in whatever way you can.

I received a पिटठू /Pitthoo travel bag from their Valley of Flowers series for review and this post is going to be all about it.

After having used it almost a dozen times since, I can happily say that i absolutely love it. 

The bag comes with a padded partition in the middle – suitable for carrying a laptop on one side. It also has a little compartment with a zipper for keys/change etc. The bag is zippered ensuring safety of all that you put inside. It also has two other small compartments – for cash, cards, keys, lip balm, gum or whatever little things you want to carry.

The bag, although is not particularly targeted at moms, works great for a day out and about with an active baby/toddler. It’s perfect for carrying all the essentials for a day. I have already used this multiple times and here’s what all I’ve been carrying in it:

  1. A packet of baby wipes (40s pack)
  2. 2 cloth diapers (or 3-5 disposable diapers) & a wet bag for the dirties
  3. A set of clothes for changing
  4. A bottle of water (750ml)
  5. Some snacks
  6. Wallet
  7. Gum, candies
  8. Kajal pencil, lip balm/lipstick & keys

It surely isn’t as spacious as a diaper bag usually is, but it comfortably fits in all the essentials and doesn’t weigh you down when worn.

Since it’s a backpack, it’s so much easier to use with a toddler around as you don’t have to constantly worry about the strap slipping off or all the weight being on one shoulder. Perfect for exhausted mommies running behind their kids.

That said, I’ve also used it as a daily bag to work and it was perfect for me because if you know me anything at all, you know I love carrying the world with me and this bag offered exactly that.

What instantly drew me to the brand was their gorgeous designs and the fact that they are a cruelty-free brand. In fact, they’re a PeTA approved vegan brand.

Verdict – I’m super happy with the bag – the quality, finish, design and highly recommend them if you’re looking for something different and fun to add to your wardrobe/bag collection.

PS: I was provided with a free product in return for my honest review. All views are my own and not influenced by the company.


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