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Review: Soul Tote & Soft Souls

I had earlier reviewed the Soul Snuggly, the Snuggle Blankets from Soul Slings and had mentioned that I had received a couple of other products to review as well, well, here I am, with a review of Soul Tote – tote bag and Soft Souls – infant shoes.

I’ll start with what i think about the Soul Tote –

The bag roughly measures 17″x17″ and the Imperial Jacquard Tote I have is made of a 100% cotton (like most of the Soul products – they’re either cotton or linen).

Tote bags have always been my go-to since I tend to carry a lot of stuff almost all the time and this one fit the bill perfectly.

What I Like About the Bag:

  • My favorite thing about it is how much it holds and how sturdy it is. The bag is super spacious, just the way I like it.
  • It’s cotton – which means it’s easy to maintain.
  • Inexpensive – which means you can buy a whole bunch of them to suit your mood. This is also a really good gifting option.
  • It’s large enough to use it as a day bag to carry stuff you’d need for a day, or a gym bag and is perfect for grocery shopping. I’ve probably carried 7+ kgs of stuff in it.

Changes I Wish They’d Make: 

  • Add some sort of a zipper/closure button to it. This, specifically because with a toddler in tow, it’s hard to keep things in place when the bag can’t be closed.
  • Add a small partition or two for keys, mobile phone and little treats for the toddler (how could I forget), etc.

Verdict: Overall, I love it for how light and spacious it is and would definitely recommend it. They make Sling Bags too, if that is something you fancy.

Moving on to the Soft Souls, these shoes are stinkin’ cute and super soft. They’re perfect for indoor use and make for a great alternative to socks during winters. If your toddler is like mine, he’d choose these over a pair of socks and I am not complaining at all. They can be used outdoors as well on grass or other smooth surfaces.

What I Like About them:

  • The luxuriously soft Sherpa lined inner cushioning.
  • The super soft sand stretchy faux suede sole. Such a neat finish.
  • The gentle elastics which hold the shoes in place.
  • The different designs. With the new linen solid line they’ve recently introduced, I am pretty sure my wallet is not safe with me anymore.

Changes I Wish They’d Make: 

There is nothing about it I wish was changed except I hope they consider my request to make them in adult sizes too. Also, mayyybe, they should introduce ‘a pair of shoes + hair bow set’ for the little ladies and ‘a pair of shoes + bow tie set’ for the little guys? Now, wouldn’t that be awesome?! Are you listening, Team Soul? 😀

Verdict – Go for it! They’re super cushy and perfect for those little feet.

PS: I was provided with free products in return for my honest review. All views are my own and not influenced by the company.

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