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Anmol Soft Structured Carrier: Review

Anmol is a brand I discovered when Aadhvik was less than a month old and when I was still new to babywearing. My initial pull towards the brand was because they had a carrier called “Aadhvika” which I absolutely loved and wanted to get for my Aadhvik. Sadly, I did not manage to get one in that particular stocking so I got what I liked second best and I am so glad I did because almost 22 months later, even now, in spite of not using it as much as I used to, I can still vouch for the fact that it was one of my best decisions ever.

I’ll save the story of Anmol for another day, but it’s one brand that is close to my heart. This post has been long due. Since I barely ever get to wear Aadhvik anymore (he thinks he’s too cool to be worn), let me take this opportunity to relive our good ol’ babywearing days and review the Anmol Soft Structured Carriers for you.

I have used two types of Anmol SSCs – the standard one and the Wrap Converted SSCs (WCSSC) and honestly I have loved both of them. But if I really have to pick a favorite, it’s be the WCSSC, the reason being it’s much lighter and nicer for the hot and humid weather we deal with for most of the year. However, if I hadn’t gotten my hands on a WCSSC, I am pretty sure I would have been just as happy with my regular one.

Let me deconstruct the carrier for you:


a. each Anmol SSC comes with loops which you can make use of if you have a young baby you’d like to carry in the SSC. You can use the infant insert sold by Anmol or a rolled towel/small blanket and hold it in place using these.

b. the SSC also comes with a hood which you can make use of while going out in the sun, to discreetly breastfeed or if you are like me, you can just use it to cover your sleeping baby’s head so that you can eat peacefully without the fear of crumbs falling on him/her. What I love about this is that unlike some of the other carriers I have seen, the hood can be rolled and stored and it works great for providing neck support for younger babies.

c. cushy shoulder straps that don’t dig into your shoulders making it an excellent carrier for using for longer duration.
d. It has a tiny pocket by the waist strap perfect for keys and some money. It sadly doesn’t fit my phone but if you use a smaller phone, it may fit.

What I love about the carrier – 

1. How comfortable it is. Both my husband and I have used this for both front carries and back carries and we both love how it’s comfortable for both of us. The Shoulder padding is just enough and the carrier itself is easy to use. We’ve even hiked wearing Aadhvik in the SSC.

2. I love how soft and light the WCSSCs are. They’re much lighter than the standard canvas lined SSCs and are perfect for the hot and humid weather we deal with for most part of the year.
3. Price point – They’re very reasonably priced and since this is like an investment of sorts, the price is completely justified. Not to forget, these are tested, safe and ergonomic.

4. Spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a design/colour scheme.

5. Great after-sale support too. There is a Support Group on Facebook to help you troubleshoot in case of a problem and even otherwise Rashmee (and team) are very approachable and helpful.

6. It folds really well and isn’t bulky to carry.

What I wish was improved –

Not much really, but if I really had my say, I’d probably ask for a larger pocket by the waist strap so that I larger phones can fit in too and maybe a matching storage bag too. I am greedy, I know.

Verdict – 

If it wasn’t already clear, let me tell you once again that I LOVE my Anmol. I can’t do a comparison with any of the other brands in the market since this is the only one I have ever used and also because we never had the need to try another brand. If you are looking to give babywearing a go, I can’t recommend Anmol enough. I also love the fact that they have carriers for every budget. You can check their website here and join their Facebook Group here. Thank me later!

PS: This is an unbiased review and I was in no way compensated for writing this.

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