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Soul Snuggly – Snuggle Blanket from Soul – Review

If you follow me on Instagram, you would know that I received a little package from the lovely folks at Soul a couple of weeks ago. Soul is a small business based out of Bangalore, India who make a variety of ergonomic  baby carriers and some fun accessories. It’s one brand that I have seen steadily growing and it comes as no surprise because their products are amazing. I have only used their slings but from what I’ve heard from friends, all their other carriers are just as good.

Anyway, moving back to our little package from them, one of the items in it was a soft, baby blanket made from the Soul jacquard wrap fabric. We’ve been extensively using this blanket and I thought it’s high time I did a little review of it.

These snuggle blankets for babies/toddlers measure 45″X 48″ and are super soft right out of the package since they are pre-washed. They’re made using baby-safe dyes.

What I love the most about these blankets is that they are a 100% cotton which means they will be perfect for use all through the year and they only get softer with every wash, like any good quality cotton fabric should. In other words, the quality and finish is top notch.

Soul recommends cold/warm wash with a gentle detergent and line drying for maintaining these well.

Aside from using this as a blanket for the little guy at home, we have also found other uses to it. So the other day we went to the park and it had gotten quite chilly by the time we were heading home. My mother-in-law had forgotten to carry her shawl. Coincidentally, our snuggly was in the stroller that day and a friend who saw us walking back home remarked ‘wow, your mother-in-law is wearing that Soul Blanket with so much elan; like Superman wearing his cape’. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture, but you can totes imagine it, right?
I have also used it as a nursing cover/scarf when out and about.

This also works great as a throw on our couch. It comes super handy for when you feel cold while watching a movie or reading a book but are too lazy to go fetch an adult sized blanket.

My most favorite non-blanket use of the blanket however is how beautifully it works as a backdrop for our Mini Outfit pictures. The best part is that each side has a distinctive look which helps in breaking the monotony.

So, if you are looking to get a blanket for your toddler or want to gift something useful to someone who is going to have a baby or just had one, look no further. These blankets would make for perfect gifts and at INR 750, these are easy on the pocket too.

If there is one thing I could ask the Soul team to work on, it would be to get similar blankets made in adult sizes too. 😀

PS: I was provided with free products in return for my honest review. All views are my own and not influenced by the company.

PPS: There were more goodies in the package and I will be back with my review of the rest soon.

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