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A Guide to Using Wet Bags a Bazillion Ways

There are a hundred thousand practices, products and terms I have gotten introduced to after I had a baby and one of my favorites amongst these is wet bags.

So, what are wet bags? They’re reusable, zippered bags that are leak-proof, waterproof, contain odors and are typically used for storing dirty cloth diapers when you’re out and about.

I got to know of them only when I started cloth diapering and I started buying them after my love affair with Smart Bottoms started, because they make lovely wet bags in different sizes (depending on the retailer you buy them from) and in absolutely gorgeous prints.

The wet bags I have are of three sizes, the large ones (called the On the go wet bags), medium sized ones (which are half the size of the on the go wet bags) and small ones.

I went from buying wet bags to hoarding them when I realized I can use them even after my child gets potty trained.

Now that I have extensively used these wet bags for everything else more than using them for what they are meant to be used for in the cloth diapering world (dirty diapers), I thought I will share my two cents with the rest of you guys by showing some of the ways you can use them as well. So, presenting to you, my very own guide for using wet bags.

Small Wet bags:

1. Use them for storing cloth wipes or hand towels. I roll hand towels and put them in.

2. You can use them for storing breast pads or sanitary pads or a menstrual cup.

3. Use them to carry important things when you run errands


4. Use them for carrying medicines/ a first aid kit when you’re traveling. They’re perfect. You can choose a medium sized wet bag if you have more medicines to carry.


Medium Wet bags:

5. Perfect for keeping safe your passports, tickets, wallet, currency notes and other odds and ends while traveling


6. Medium wet bags are also perfect for packing makeup and accessories


7. Going for a quick grocery run? Use a medium wet bag to carry the essentials for your baby. I move the wipes and books to my bag and use the same one to store the dirties until we get home.


8. A quick trip to the beach or splash pad? Medium wet bags to the rescue, again. Perfect for carrying a swim diaper, a towel for your babe and sunscreen.

9. For storing (saving) stationery from prying little hands or to just make sure they are all in one place.


10. Worried about toiletries ruining other stuff while traveling? Put them in a wet bag. No mess or leaks even if something pops open. Tried and tested. Choose a medium or large wet bag depending on how much stuff you are going to be carrying.


Large Wet bags:

11. Perfect for packing shoes, clothes etc. to gym.


12.  Worried about the beautiful embellished blouse you paid a bomb for getting snagged while being packed with other clothes? No problem, we have you covered!


13.  Don’t want to lose pieces of puzzles or want to keep those lethal Legos contained in one place? You know the answer by now, don’t you?


14. Also perfect for carrying stationery.


15. And for storing your baby carriers.

16. Not to forget, for carrying snacks when you are out and about. No mess.


17. Nope, we are not done yet. Whether you want to take the house with you or just want to pack a day’s worth of diapers, change of clothes etc., wet bags is the answer!


I don’t use a diaper bag per se, so I use wetbags to keep things organized in my oversized tote so that everything is handy. You can even use wet bags to store breast pump parts, to collect trash (snack wrappers, empty water bottles, used tissues, etc.) while traveling, for storing socks, for sorting kids clothes, etc. and I am pretty sure this isn’t all.

I think the large wetbags are big enough to fit a newborn in. Loljk. DON’T DO THAT!

How do you use wet bags? If you don’t, do you think you should get some now? Tell me all about it.

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