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Snappi Baby – Review & Giveaway!

Update: ************************* GIVEAWAY CLOSED *************************

If you have ever cloth diapered a new born, you would understand what a lovely feeling it is to use flats or prefolds in various folds and then to spend a few minutes admiring it perfectly put on your little baby’s bum who isn’t a wiggle monster.

I specifically am referring to the new born stage because once they learn to move even the slightest bit, it’s a task having them to stay in place during diaper changes which more often than not results in a sloppy finish. But you still have hope because – Snappi Baby!

Snappies were/are some of my favorite cloth diapering accessories. They help hold the flats and prefolds in place and thereby help you not worry about them getting crumpled or bunched resulting in leaks. They also give a better fit when you want to use a diaper cover on top of flats/prefolds and some fitted diapers.

I was a flats and prefolds person till A was about 6-7 months old (after which we completely moved to AIOs). But I still do love them flats and prefolds just as much and use them from time to time when my toddler is in a good mood and more cooperative to diaper changes.

Anyway, I am here because I have something exciting for those of you who love your flats and prefolds and for those of you looking to start cloth diapering because this would be a great place to start.

I am so excited to tell you guys that I am doing a giveaway, in association with Snappi Baby USA and not one, but THREE of you can win a set of Snappi Diaper Fasteners each and one of you will get a little something extra from me as well.

Before I share more details on how you can win these, let me tell you just a little bit more about these diaper fasteners.

Snappi is a great alternative to diaper pins. These are so much more easier to use, give you a better finish/fit and they’re super easy to use even on wiggly babies.

Snappi comes in a set of three and there are three different variants available – one pack that has ‘boy’colors, one with ‘girl’ colors and a gender neutral one if those are the kind of things you care about. I love them all equally.

These work best with thick woven cotton fabrics (flats, prefolds and some fitted diapers) since the plastic teeth on them have something firm to sink into. I personally love them with the Terry Flats from Mothercare and Orange Diaper Company prefolds. They are like a match made in heaven. SO perfect!

Another great thing to know about Snappis is that they are made with non-toxic materials and have no latex.

It’s super easy to use Snappis. Fold your cloth diaper whichever way you want. Stretch and put a Snappi on it in a T or Y shape and you are done!

Here are some pictures to show you what they look like and how to use them:

A closer look at the plastic teeth
Perfect Pair Number One – Mothercare Terry Flats and Snappi
What perfection looks like. 😉
Perfect Pair Number Two – ODC prefolds and Snappi


If you still are unclear about using them, here is a great video to help you.

Now, moving on to the giveaway –  click on this link & follow the steps. As simple as that!

Bonus points if you share the post and tag friends, family, neighbors, your friend’s sister’s uncle’s aunt’s daughter etc.

Three winners will be chosen using by the 12th of November. The giveaway is open to participants (above 18 years of age) in India & UAE.

3 thoughts on “Snappi Baby – Review & Giveaway!”

  1. hi, I just came across your blog. I am a newbie at cloth diapering and I am currently reading up on it. I just checked this item online now and not able to order this to India. How did you order this. can you please help


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